Tram: 1,000,000

The Portland Aerial Tram has exceeded ridership expectations and has already provided it’s one millionth trip between OHSU and South Waterfront.

From the Portland Tribune:

Colleda O’Neil was just headed downhill for her doctor’s appointment at the OHSU Center for Health and Healing.

Instead, the OHSU employee was selected as the one-millionth rider of the Portland Aerial Tram.

“I’m shocked,” she told a group of reporters and TV cameras, who were waiting for her at the lower tram station.

OHSU Transportation Operations Manager Mike Brooks handed over a briefcase full of prizes, including a tram logo t-shirt, DVD’s, and a coffee table book about OHSU.

As for how they calcualated the 1,000,000 figure, OHSU says it counts a one-way ride on the tram as one trip, meaning if a passenger rides up to OHSU and back down to the South Waterfront it counts as two trips.

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