Electric Vehicle Dealer Opens in Portland

Update: 9/7/07

The Daily Journal of Commerce has some coverage on the new dealership.

Original Post: 8/21/07

Via portland ground.

I wonder if they have the Zap electric scooters as well?

6 responses to “Electric Vehicle Dealer Opens in Portland”

  1. Have you bought a new car yet? There is an electric VW Rabbit on CL for $6500 that doesn’t need new batteries.

    I was looking at buying an electric car a few years ago. It isn’t a bad idea, it does everything that I want in a car 95% of the time, (and the other 5% I’m happy to rent an ICE one,) but to make a long story short, so does a bicycle. And I already owned the bicycle…

  2. We have an interim solution: a 49cc moped :-)

    I’m hearing that we’ll see a new crop of electric vehicles in 2008, so we’re trying to wait it out until then.

  3. Very cool. How long has eco-motion been in business? I wish there were more details and prices on the models available.

    I think people are still afraid of the average miles per charge. I think the city will have to consider having places for people to recharge as well as provide biodiesel.


  4. Eco motion is ripping off The Green Car Company of Seattle, WA. (www.greencarco.com) Eco-motion stole part of Green Car Co’s slogan “Drive Change” and they are copying their Green Car University. This guy is just interested in making money and can’t come up with an original idea. 43,000 sq foot showroom with used gas cars??? That’s very energy efficient. Green-washing at it’s best!

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