Development Charge Issues Emerge

Updated: 9/5/07

I watched the hearing (no vote, it’s going back to Sam’s office for tweaking) on cable today and have two observations.

1) The TOD discount that benefited downtown is going away, probably faster that then 4-year phaseout recommended by the committee.

2) I was disappointed that another discount, one that can be earned by demonstrating that you have proven trip reductions, was not recommended. This one seems like a genuine “green” policy. It would have meant slightly raising the base rate, which appears to be what caused the committee to recommend against it.

Original Post: 9/4/07

A stakeholder committee has been working on recommendations for the next 10 years of projects and fees for Transportation System Development Charges.

As the Council Hearing on Wednesday approaches, the key issue that is emerging appears to be whether the discount for downtown properties will continue. A particularly cogent interview with Rick Williams (chair of the stakeholder committee) in the Daily Journal of Commerce lays out the issues.

There is also coverage in the Tribune.

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