Density’s Impacts on Transportation

Via the Overhead Wire:

Here’s a fun tool from the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters that inter-relates urban density with other factors including VMT, vehicle ownership and the air quality consequences of those choices.

It gives examples of neighborhood types at each level of density and lets you plug in your owner numbers to see what they mean.

4 responses to “Density’s Impacts on Transportation”

  1. Hmmm, how the hell does this work?

    It’s not immediately obvious, but they have it set up so that if you hover the mouse over icons of various neighborhoods (most from San Francisco) along the top, the numbers will update with the stats for those particular neighborhoods, so you can compare various costs and effects.

    If you happen to know the set of numbers for your own neighborhood, you can enter those too.

    – Bob

  2. My neighborhood, (which isn’t very dense, I admit it,) has 3.7 households per acre according to the census, (11 people/acre, but 2.9 people per household,) but at rush hour, there are 20 buses/hr, and most of them are full… While I’d say that I think income levels also affect things, my neighborhood is poor, there are plenty of richer neighborhoods in Portland that are less dense than mine, and are still filling up a few buses an hour.

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