Updated: Green Dividend

Updated 8/20/07

Discussed in the Oregonian today, with an emphasis on the fact that the savings stay in the local economy.

Updated 7/23/07

You can hear Joe discuss the “Green Dividend” on this week’s Smart City podcast.

Original Post 7/18/07

I’m late to the party writing about this one, it’s been bouncing around Portland for a couple of days, but I can’t let it go by.

Local economist Joe Cortright (a past guest contributor here) has published a report for CEOs for Cities (PDF, 186K) that quantifies Portland’s “Green Dividend”, the economic benefit (not hardship) created by our greener choices here.

For example, on average each of us here in the region travels about 4 miles less per car than the average American. This saves us $1.1B per year just in gasoline, and the time we save not being in our cars has an economic value of about $1.5B annually.

Green and smart!

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