Transit Board

This post is part of a series documenting the transit tools offered by Portland Transport.

Transit Board™ is a web browser interface designed to be used in a fixed location, perhaps as a kiosk or as an intranet page for a company office, allowing users to see multiple transit lines departing from a particular place or general vicinity.

One TMA has already implemented it.

There are two ways to set up a Transit Board. One requires help from the admins at Portland Transport, the other can be done on a do-it-yourself basis.

The first model requires defining something we call a ‘choice set’, which is a list of transit stops and specific lines that serve them. If you’d like to do this, send e-mail to and we’ll work with you. With the custom approach we can tailor colors and create special messages as well.

The do-it-yourself form just requires a URL with a list of stops. Here’s an example:

This particular board is designed for a hypothetical kiosk in the middle of Pioneer Courthouse Square, so it uses the MAX stops on either side of the square. You could add in as many stop= sets into the URL as you want, separating them with ampersands.

You can get stop ids by looking on bus stops, or by using TriMet’s Transit Tracker and noting the URL of the tracking page, looking for the locationID parameter.

We’ll eventually have a tool that will let you click your way through setup of these, but not quite yet – hey, we’re only volunteers.

The URL above works great as standalone page, but you can also put it inside another web page with an IFRAME tag, like so:

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=0 width=600 height=950>Frame could not be displayed</iframe>

[TIP: Play with the height= attribute of the IFRAME to balance extra white space against scroll bars depending on how many rows show up.]

Which would yield this…

And remember, if you want custom colors, font, bus lines, etc.; let us know, we can customize a Transit Board for you. We also now have a custom version that will work in a pop-up window!

Transit Board is a service and trademark of Portland Transport. Route and arrival data provided by permission of TriMet.

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