Portland Streetcar Lowell Extension Celebration Photos

Updated 8-18-2007: Various YouTube video clips from the event are added at the bottom of the post.

Today marks the opening of the Portland Streetcar Lowell extension in the South Waterfront district. The event was celebrated with live music, a chartered streetcar (or two) for the crowd, food/coffee, and speeches from officials including Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski.

I managed to grab a few photos and an assortment of video clips.

A crowd gathers to ride to the new Lowell extension.
A crowd gathers at the Market St. station in the South Park Blocks awaiting the 1st chartered streetcar to the new Lowell extension.

More photos after the jump…
A lone double-bass waits to board the Portland Streetcar
A lone double-bass waits to board the Portland Streetcar. (The band "3 leg Torso" performed on the celebratory charter run.)

A crowd gathers to ride to the new Lowell extension.
More of the gathering crowd.

Event organizer Kay Dannen
Kay Dannen with Portland Streetcar Inc. helped organize the Portland Streetcar Lowell Extension celebration.

PortlandTransport.com founder/webmaster Chris Smith
Chris Smith apparently doesn’t like my camera. :-)

Lowell celebration crowd.
The crowd gathers at the Portland Streetcar Lowell Terminus to hear celebratory speeches and live music.

The crowd arrives at Lowell
TriMet general manager Fred Hansen (center, facing left) chats with others arriving at the new Portland Streetcar Lowell Terminus.

Ted Kulongoski at the Portland Streetcar Lowell Extension Ceremony
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski speaks with reporters after arriving via chartered streetcar — the first "official" trip to Lowell.

3 leg Torso
The band "3 leg Torso" performs.

Sam Adams, man of many hats.
Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams, with a borrowed motorman hat. (Governor Ted Kulongoski warned Sam to be wary of politicians wearing hats lest he suffer the fate of Michael Dukakis and others.)

3 leg Torso
More of 3 leg Torso.

Ted Kulongoski
More of Governor Ted Kulongoski at the opening ceremony.

Streetcar Break Time
Four motormen (actually one woman and three men) from the Willamette Shore Trolley vintage line take a break from the festivities at the Lowell station of the new Portland Streetcar extension.

Ready to Depart
A streetcar prepares to depart from the Lowell festivities.

Microwave Trucks
Microwave masts rise like, well Condominiums in the South Waterfront District.

The View from Lowell
New condo towers rise in the South Waterfront district, as seen from the Lowell terminus of the Portland Streetcar.

Video Clips:

The arrival (nearly silent) of the first ceremonial charter streetcar to carry celebrants to Lowell. Actual regular service began earlier in the day.

The band 3 leg Torso provided live music while in transit to Lowell. (Unfortunately, the camera I was using had almost no bass response, so the audio doesn’t reflect the excellent performance.)

Governor Kulongoski’s introductory remarks – This is mainly introductions of other officials, but contains a great moment at the beginning where the Governor chides Sam Adams for wearing a borrowed “Motorman” hat – warning him about the fate of politicians seen wearing hats such as Michael Dukakis.

Governor Kulongoski’s main speech.

3 leg Torso, accompanied by singer Valerie Day performs “Clang Clang Clang went the Trolley”. (Again, sorry for the lack of bass response.)

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