An Update on Project Homeless Connect

Back in June I blogged that I had signed on for the Project Homeless Connect event coming up on September 18th.

I’m happy to say that we’re getting a good response from the bicycle community. The Community Cycling Center there with their “create a commuter” program. And several mechanics have volunteered to help out!

At this point, there are still a few things we could use:

  • Some auto-related services (for some, a car is their temporary home). Any suggestions on where we might procure things like free oil changes, tires, or other relatively interchangeable (i.e., not model-specific) services?
  • A bike shop to anchor the repair area for the day, along with the individual mechanics who have volunteered
  • Someone to act as deputy area leader for the morning shift (10am-3pm)

If you have suggestions or would like to help out, e-mail Thanks!

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