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ITS Oregon, the local chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society has a demonstration of Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) coming up. Here’s the early info. Unfortunately, I have two conflicting meetings that day. It would be great if a member of the Portland Transport community could be there and send back a report.

What: High-tech Future Car Demonstration/Ride-along
When: Wednesday, July 18, 2007: 11:30 to 4:30 by invitation
Where: Portland Expo Center, Parking Lot LP1 (Adjacent to MAX station)
Who: Transportation decision-makers and other leaders from the Portland/Vancouver region

For more information, contact Jon Makler (, 503-797-1873)
For media inquiries, contact Jon Coney (, 503-797-1697)

Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) is the next wave of advanced intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology that has the ability to support improvements in the management and operations of our roadway system. VII is a movement toward equipping vehicles to communicate with each other and the roadway in real-time. To reduce traffic congestion, decrease emergency response time, decrease fuel consumption and increase roadway safety, VII supports interaction among traffic management, emergency response, traveler information and vehicle control systems.

On July 18th, the Intelligent Transportation Society of Oregon (ITS Oregon), is hosting a local demonstration of VII technology at the Portland Expo Center. Metro staffer Jon Makler is president of ITS Oregon, which is the organization that worked with Metro on the “Mobility the Smart Way” breakfast held at the Convention Center in October 2006. ITS Oregon would like to showcase local support for transportation technology by having media coverage of elected officials participating in the demonstration.

The demonstration itself involves a regular car that will be outfitted with various technologies that communicate with the driver as well as an intersection that will be set up in the demonstration area. Participants will be able to ride in (and possibly drive) the demonstration vehicle on a closed course. The article linked below (and attached) relates one reporter’s experience during the demonstration that was held recently in Detroit, Michigan.

We are working with ODOT and other agencies to arrange television and print media coverage of the event.

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