And If the Whole Country is Brankrupt…

Ron has included links on several posts to a warning cry being issued by the Comptroller General (he spoke at City Club on this topic last year):

Economics is even less sexy. But here is the comptroller of the General Accounting Office of the United States of America in his around-the-nation plea for fiscal responsibility. This link has a video you can watch, on the right hand side of the page. It aired on CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday evening:

How does that affect Portland area transportation projects and our need to remain an economically viable region? What projects do you think are a must-have and which are just a nice-to-have. Other nations have already found less to like about the United States; that is mainly why the US dollar has declined a good 33 per cent in the last five years. Do we dare risk continued excessive (IMO) spending?

He suggested we elevate this question to the level of a post.

If our region had to go it alone without Federal funding for transportation, how would we fare?

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