A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind

I was very impressed with Gail Achterman’s remarks at the City Club presentation on Friday. [Not that I was not impressed with your remarks too, Rex, but I’ve heard them before :-)]

You can download the full program (MP3, 21.1M) from City Club’s web site for a few weeks.

Gail says what she believes. Here are a few highlights:

  • Replacing our current funding model with something like a public utility commission model that set rates not just for roads, but also for rail and other modes. This would take rate setting out of political mode and lock it into a fiscally sound model.
  • Replace the gas tax with a new revenue stream that is not constitionally dedicated to one mode.
  • Replace JPACT with a body that has both a broader scope (e.g., includes rail and marine transportation) and has a more inclusive membership.
  • Take ramp meters to their logical conclusion and close some freeway ramps to keep the system flowing.

She did not pull any punches. I was impressed. One friend suggested she wished Gail would run for Governor…

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