SMF Anyone?

That’s Street Maintenance Fee.

You can’t say Sam Adams doesn’t have courage. He’s looking at ways to close Portland’s street maintenance backlog, and find some dollars for safety programs.

The ultimate proposal will likely be a combination of two or three funding mechanisms, possibly including a local gas tax and/or a Street Maintenance Fee (a utility fee added to your water bill based on the # of auto trips your property type generates).

You can read more on OregonLive. They call it ‘unsexy’, which strikes me as charitable.

Nonetheless, it’s important. We’re gradually letting a multi-billion-dollar City asset crumble.

Sam is doing it right, consulting all the stakeholder groups and doing a series of community meetings. Drop by one:

Commissioner Sam Adams to Hold Series of Town Hall Meetings
to Discuss Portland’s Ailing Transportation System

Currently, 32% of Portland’s arterial streets, 22% of the bridges, and 43% of the traffic signals are in poor condition. Deferred maintenance adds an estimated $9 million annually to the $425 million transportation backlog that exists. Given current funding, money does not exist to adequately address these issues.

Commissioner Sam Adams is taking this issue to the public in an effort to ensure a sustainable and safe transportation system for the future. Over the next few weeks, Commissioner Adams, the Portland Office of Transportation, and the Portland Neighborhood District Coalitions are hosting Town Hall meetings to discuss transportation funding, and maintenance and safety needs. These Town Hall meetings will provide residents of Portland a unique opportunity to learn about the current transportation funding situation and provide their input on how to fix the problem.

Mark Lear has been temporarily pulled from his position as Traffic Investigations Manager and will lead the public outreach campaign to build support for increased funding for PDOT maintenance and safety projects. If you have questions about these meetings or the outreach effort, please contact Mark Lear at 503-823-7604 or Jamie Waltz, who’s assisting Mark, at 503-823-7101.

Community Town Hall Meetings

  • Southwest Portland: Tuesday, June 19, 7-9 p.m., Multnomah Center, 7688 SW Capitol Highway
  • Southeast Portland: Wednesday, June 20, 7-9 p.m., St. Philip Neri Church, Carvlin Hall, 2408 SE 16th Avenue
  • North & Northeast Portland: Tuesday, June 26, 7-9 p.m., King Neighborhood Facility, 4815 NE 7th Avenue
  • Northwest Portland: Wednesday, June 27, 7-9 p.m., Friendly House Conference Room, 1737 NW 26th Avenue
  • Central Northeast & East Portland: Monday, July 2, 7-9 p.m., Firehouse #12, 4415 NE 87th Avenue

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