Guilty as Charged

And damn proud of it.

Monday’s Oregonian features a front page story that essentially accuses Peter DeFazio, the City of Portland and Portland Streetcar of working to get Federal dollars to Oregon Iron Works to help jump start a local streetcar manufacturing industry.

I believe the official charge should be “conspiracy to create jobs in Oregon.”

The procurement process was open, no one has appealed it and the Federal Transit Administration has said very clearly that it was completely legal.

Is the congressional earmark process screwed up? You bet – see the post yesterday about Rob Puentes’ remarks – there’s very little strategy in our national transportation funding system. I hope our congresspeople will reform this, if only because I’m sure that when it becomes performance-based, we’ll fare very well.

But meanwhile, I hope Peter, Earl, Darlene and the rest of the delegation will keep looking out for our interests and entrepreneurial opportunities like this.

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