Disconnected Advocacy?

Reading through my Trib yesterday morning, I was confronted with a full page ad titled “Keep Oregon Moving” (featuring a pothole as a background).

Turns out this is a group of business leaders and associations (mostly the “cost of congestion” report proponents at both the statewide and local level). They are listed prominently in the ad on their website: www.KeepOregonMoving.com

The basic pitch is that we need to put pressure on the legislature to actually have a reasonable transportation funding package.

Now I may part company from these folks on the details of how to add targeted new capacity, but I’m 100% on board with the idea that we at least need to raise the gas tax to pay for maintenance of the roads that we have.

So I’d like these folks to have some success. But what I can’t understand is where’s the rest of the likely coalition? In particular, why aren’t local governments on the list? I know that cities and counties all around the state are lobbying the legislature for basic maintenance funding. So why haven’t these two groups gotten together to take a focused run at the legislature?


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