Three Line Streetcar Service

Jim Howell has an alternate notion of how to operate the Streetcar Loop. He’s paired it with a Hawthorne Bridge crossing, but I don’t know why it couldn’t work with a more southernly crossing, or indeed, before the crossing is created.

If streetcars were routed over the Hawthorne Bridge and south to Harrison, as I have suggested earlier in conjunction with an eastside routing of the Milwaukie/Interstate MAX, the streetcar system could operate as three overlapping lines as shown on the attached map:

“A Line” – the existing Northwest/South Waterfront line, “B Line” – An eastside/downtown loop and “C Line” – An eastside line that connects to both the Northwest and South Waterfront neighborhoods.

If each line were operated on 12-minute headways, a streetcar would pass any stop every 6 minutes and a passenger could travel to any destination on the entire system without a transfer.

3 line streetcar system

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