A shift in plans for Milwaukie Light Rail?

According to today’s Clackamas Review article, a petition signed by hundreds of local residents (including the Mayor’s wife) has encouraged the inclusion of an alternate route proposal in the SDEIS process.

The new route would run closer to the heart of downtown Milwaukie, perhaps split along Main St. and SE McLoughlin Blvd.

The article states that the Mayor, who is a member of the South Corridor Phase II Steering Committee as well, has requested a pause in the SDEIS process so it can be determined whether to include a study of a new alternative route.

Personally, I am curious if anyone can remember the entire history of the route selection process. I seem to remember that a decade ago, light rail was slated to go through the heart of Milwaukie’s downtown, but local opposition at the time got the proposal shifted to behind the school along the Union Pacific ROW. If so, this new petition would represent an interesting turn of events.

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