The Challenges of Governing

It’s hard to think of a more assertive alternative transportation advocate then Rex Burkholder.

Yet now in elected office and chair of JPACT, which sets transportation policy for the region, he’s getting criticized for not being bold enough by some advocates. This is highlighted in an interview in the Daily Journal of Commerce today.

My two cents: Rex is doing an excellent thing in making the Regional Transportation Plan “outcomes-based.” But it’s also true that the politics is the art of the possible. And I’m concerned that the “community building” track of the RTP is far too mobility-oriented, because of the influence of interests that are still in denial about issues like global warming and peak oil. I’m also worried that the RTP timelines will not allow for the detailed modeling and analysis of many scenarios that would really help us understand how to optimize the outcomes.

But I’m still rooting for Rex.

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