Restoring the Conversation

If anything, since I wrote the “state of the conversation” post last week, things have only gotten worse. It’s clear to me that we need not only better enforcement (more on that later), but also a clearer set of rules.

So here’s a first pass on rearticulating the rules. As I always I look forward to feedback from our readers.

  1. All contributions and comments become the property of Portland Transport.
  2. Opinions in posts and comments are those of the authors, not necessarily those of Portland Transport. Responibility for those opinions rests with the authors.
  3. This site has a point of view: that continued over-reliance on the automobile is not sustainable or healthy for our society and alternative choices must become more widely available. This is intended to be the general center of the conversation here. While opposing views are welcome, participation that is of a quality or quantity that combines to undermine the purpose of the site may be restricted or refused.
  4. Constructive disagreement is welcome, but simply repeating your disagreement is not. If your disagreement is simply to protest our point of view, you should find another outlet for your views.
  5. Passion and robust debate about ideas are what Portland Transport is about. Passion directed at individuals is not, and will be deleted promptly. Please confine your remarks to policy, opinion and data.
  6. We assume that everyone who participates in the conversation is sincere. Questioning the motivations of participants, including those whose opinions may be contrary to the general view of the site, is strictly prohibited.
  7. While you are welcome to disagree, you are not welcome to be disagreeable. Please treat fellow participants with the respect you would give a guest in your home.
  8. Skepticism is helpful, cynicism is not. If you need an outlet for your anger at government, the transportation system, or anything else, look elsewhere.

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