Focus on Safety

The Trib ran two articles on safety yesterday. The first talks about dangerous intersections on 82nd and 122nd and goes on to talk about one-time money Commissioner Adams is seeking for safety improvements.

The second talks about the 10-year trend in improvement in deaths due to traffic accidents (it’s dropped by about half).

The first story is more sensationalist, but I think the real news is the second one!

5 responses to “Focus on Safety”

  1. What happened to West Burnside? Maybe there is a cheaper way to improve safety without the couplet.

  2. Lenny –

    The article is not necessarily incompatible with previous statements made about West Burnside… West Burnside is unsafe in terms of pedestrian injuries/deaths, while the article was referring to overall vehicle collisions.

    – Bob R.

  3. Speaking of my least favorite transportation “improvement” scheme…did anyone see the piece in the Tribune weekend section touring the nightlight on Burnside? A strong NO on the couplet question from the night owls. I agree. Let’s keep some part of Portland edgy, gritty, interesting. Why do we insist on cleaning everything up…boring.

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