Bumper Year for Bridge Books

Not long ago we had a new edition of the Portland Bridge Book. Now we’re greeted by a new book about our bridges, Bridges of Portland, by Ray Bottenberg.

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This book is a very much photo-oriented, with brief captions explaining and providing context for the photos (like the photo below). Given all the discussion of the Columbia Crossing recently, it was fun to review the history of the current bridges.

I was particularly impressed by the variety of clever construction techniques to assemble these bridges. My favorite trivial fact: the center span of the Fremont Bridge was jacked into place at the rate of 4 inches per hour for forty hours!

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publicist.

There is also an upcoming book signing:

Meet author Ray Bottenberg at the following book signing and get the opportunity to check out his other book,

Bridges of the Oregon Coast:

Saturday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m.

Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing

3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005

For more information, please call 503.228.4651


Glenn Jackson (I-205) bridge under construction. Used with permission of Arcadia Publishing, from Bridges of Portland. All rights reserved.

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