Act Now for the Bicycle Master Plan

This message is bouncing around the blogosphere, but I think it’s important to repeat it here. Mayor Potter has not included $150,000 for an update to the Bicycle Master Plan in his proposed budget. Here’s the original message from the BTA:

Mayor Tom Potter’s office has released his draft budget, which includes many of the good things BTA members care about.

But the Mayor cut an essential item – the Platinum Bike Master Plan Update.

Please contact the Mayor’s office TODAY and ask him to restore $150,000 in funding to make sure the Platinum Bike Master Plan Update can be completed. With cities like Chicago, Seattle, and New York setting aggressive goals to improve bicycling, Portland can’t be using a 12-year-old master plan to compete. We’ve learned a lot since the plan was written in 1995, and we need to collect those lessons into a plan to make Portland a Platinum-level bike city, and to address key city goals around child and adult health, global warming, and affordable transportation choices.

You can email Jeremy Van Keuren ( in the Mayor’s office, fill out Mayor Potter’s webform, or call his office at (503) 823-4120. See all your contact options here.

Thank you! With your help, we can make Portland a better place for bikes!

Please join me in contacting the Mayor’s office immediately.

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