Third Time the Charm?

The title in the Daily Journal of Commerce says it all “Milwaukie light rail gets back on track.

For the third time in nearly 10 years, the regional government Metro has revived its plans to build a light-rail line from Portland to Milwaukie.

And as part of the decision that no one will ever quite know when it was made, the center of gravity for the crossing continues to move south:

Included in the updated plan is a proposal that would link the new light-rail line with the Portland Streetcar and Portland Aerial Tram on the South Waterfront development. Such a plan would move the original alignment further south of the Marquam Bridge and closer to Oregon Health & Science University’s Center for Health & Healing.

“When this was first studied, South Waterfront didn’t exist,” said Olivia Clark, executive director of TriMet, the regional transportation authority. The proposed new alignment, she said, “is reflecting changing times in terms of what’s happening in development.”

Did Olivia get a promotion? Fred better watch out :-)

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