New State Transportation Funding Strategy?

An interesting piece in the Daily Journal of Commerce yesterday (“State leaders draw roadmap for transportation reform”) contains musings from Rex Burkholder and Senate Transportation Chair Rick Metsger among others.

Statewide, “we spend a lot of money on transportation each year, and we don’t really evaluate it in any way more than how many cars go through an intersection,” Rex Burkholder, a councilor with the regional government Metro, said.

With limited dollars available to manage the system, many question the state’s current plan to invest billions in projects that offer just one payback – a few minutes saved on the morning commute.

Instead, a new system of incremental targeted investments would, for the most part, replace massive road projects. Over the next 20 years or more, Metro expects the existing statewide system to expand no more than 5 percent.

There is also talk of local road fees as a potential funding mechanism.


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