Get Your B20

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Jubitz Travel Center on Tuesday became the first truck stop in Oregon to sell B20 biodiesel.

The retail and commercial fuel station, located east of Interstate 5 near exit 307 in Portland, has transitioned all of its retail diesel pumps to the 20 percent biodiesel blend four months ahead of a July 1 start for the city of Portland’s renewable fuels mandate.

The mandate, passed last year by the Portland City Council, will require all fuel sold within the city limits to contain at least 5 percent biodiesel and 10 percent ethanol by July 1.

“While it may be early in terms of a widespread adoption, it’s clear that in the future B5 and B20 will be part of the fuel landscape, so we wanted to broaden our product offering,” said Mark Gram, vice president and chief financial officer of Jubitz.

So the private sector took government intervention and turned it into a market opportunity…

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  1. This is really funny, because Jubitz was one of the biggest FIGHTERS of that mandate. They claimed that it would destroy their business as all the truckers would stop buying at Jubitz and instead go to Washington…

    There are other biodiesel pumps around. Jubitz is just the first “truck stop”.

    Portland biodiesel pump map here.

  2. It’s a case of making lemonade from lemons instead of being stuck with lemons.

    Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. Not sure why they pushed back against it though. Especially in this part of the country. It just makes good sense as long as it isn’t unreasonably expensive to make the change…

    But I digress… The Government encouraged over reliance on trucking in the first place, it’s nice to see them skampering about in a meager attempt to fix the problem they are mostly responsible for.

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