Defining the Walk for Walking Your Talk

Following up on our earlier discussion on whether Al Gore is walking is talk, Portland Transport contributor Rick Browning recently sent this letter to the editor of the NY Times questioning whether it’s about how you get there or how far there is…

To the Editor,

Environmental activist Bill McKibben’s custom home in rural Ripton, VT is no doubt a lovely place to live (“Renewing a Call to Act Against Climate Change” National Report, March 14). But location [preceding word in italics] of energy efficient houses like Mr. McKibben’s does matter. I have taken his hybrid Honda Civic into account, yet still – assuming a 45 week a year job and a 20 mile roundtrip, at least 1,350 pounds of carbon goes into the atmosphere every year that Mr. McKibben drives to his job at Middlebury college.

As Mr. McKibben is quoted as saying, if mainstream scientific predictions about global warming are accurate, time is indeed short and “Changing lightbulbs isn’t enough”. Note to environmentalists – neither is getting a hybrid. Perpetuating lifestyles that require us to drive for everything guarantees we will fail in our quest to halt global warming.

Richard D. Browning, AIA

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