Back Seat [Scary] Ignorance

OK, I will cop to a guilty pleasure. On Mondays I read the “Back Seat” (commuting) column in the Oregonian.

Not because I expect to learn anything about transportation policy, but because I sometimes enjoy the sophomoric wit. But mainly because I get to see what people are asking about. Monday’s letter was very scary:

Stop signs: At downtown intersections, should drivers stop to allow pedestrians to cross?

My wife says that drivers are obligated only if there is a marked crosswalk. I say that pedestrians at any intersection should be given the right of way.

R.L. West Linn

Our intrepid columnist quotes ORS correctly that crosswalks exist at all intersections, whether marked or unmarked.

But I’m not sure I’ll be strolling around West Linn anytime soon. A good argument for refresher tests when renewing your driver’s license.

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