Proactive Pedestrian Safety Tool

After a serious accident on NW 23rd Ave took the life of one pedestrian and seriously injured another, NWDA Transportation Chair Kim Carlson got busy. Not only did she and other neighborhood leaders advocacy successfully with PDOT for safety improvements on 23rd and 21st, she set out to help pedestrian take safety into their own hands.

The result is this umbrella, designed to allow pedestrians to visibly alert cars to their presence. At the same time, the clever clear panels allow users to keep track of what the cars are doing. Kim, not only found a manufacturer, but also got a grant from Metro to help the neighborhood association fund an initial stock to sell.

I can’t wait to point one of these at cars while I cross the street.

The umbrella will be available commercially, but here’s how to get in on the first batch, available through the neighborhood at a great price:

The Walk Safe Umbrella—Coming in April 2007!

The Walk Safe Umbrella will make pedestrians more visible on cloudy gray, wet days and evenings so that motor vehicle drivers will stop for them.

The unique design combines an iridescent yellow fabric, reflective trim, and clear plastic panels:

  • The iridescent yellow is particularly visible on cloudy, gray and wet days and at dusk. It’s glow in these conditions will highlight the pedestrians’ presence.
  • The reflective trim edges the umbrella and punctuates the diamond yield to pedestrian symbols on two sides of the umbrella. This trim catches the light from headlights and streetlights to visibly announce the pedestrian to on-coming traffic.
  • The clear plastic panels alternating between the diamonds is a key safety feature of this umbrella. It enables the umbrella carrier to see approaching traffic in two directions, giving him/her the power to make the safe decision to wait curbside.

This is a project of the Northwest District neighborhood Association (the NWDA) Transportation Committee. The project evolved from efforts to improve pedestrian visibility following an accident in which two pedestrians were struck by an automobile crossing 23rd Avenue at Quimby St. One pedestrian was killed. It was nighttime and raining heavily and neither the surviving pedestrian nor the driver involved claim to have seen each other.

Thanks to the generosity of Shed Rain, NWDA is offering these umbrellas for a short time at the wholesale price of $15.00 per umbrella. In April, the Walk Safe Umbrella will be available through local retailers. Walk Safe Umbrellas sold by NWDA after that time will be competitively priced.

Proceeds will allow us to continue to offer this item and to help keep pedestrians safe on our streets.

To pre-order your umbrella at the wholesale price of $15.00,
make out your check to:

NWDA Walk-Safe Umbrella

Send to:

NWDA Walk-Safe
c/o Neighbors West-Northwest
2257 NW Raleigh 97229

This is an NWDA Transportation Committee Project.
You can also contact us through Neighbors West-Northwest at 503.823.4288

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