Carbon Cap Passes Local Muster

Readers of the Portland Business Journal responded positively (70%) to a poll about capping C02 emissions.

One response to “Carbon Cap Passes Local Muster”

  1. Now yer hittin on some topics I can agree on. I don’t support Government operated industries from a moral standpoint (transit & passenger rail subsidies) because of the innefficiences that are caused by it and the unfairness/equility problems with it.

    I do however support environmental regulations to protect citizenry. The Government’s role to provide a defense of the nation and the respective citizenry is unquiestionable and often has lapsed extensively. There is of course a fine line balancing defense with outright intrusion, but this one shouldn’t be too fuzzy for even the most anti-Government Grognard type.

    Summary: Good to see some regs and standards setup for getting these things cleaned up. The technology is there, its just a matter of building in the price to cover the costs of a cleaner products/air.

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