Calendar Conundrum

I occassionally get an e-mail from someone saying “that item on your calendar is off by a few hours.”

This seems to be a ‘feature’ of Google Calendar that it adjusts for the timezone it thinks you’re in. If you have your computer’s OS set to the wrong time zone, things start getting wierd.

This seems to be even more challenging right now as Microsoft is distributing a patch for this year’s change in the start of Daylight Savings Time. Even on my computer, which I believe to be set correctly, I’m seeing a one-hour shift in event start times.

If in doubt, check the left sidebar on the Portland Transport home page. The start times there should be free of any timezone biases…

2 responses to “Calendar Conundrum”

  1. Interesting. I wonder if that is why someone recently e-mailed me about a meeting I had scheduled on the npGREENWAY google calendar telling me it was an hour off? …could be.

  2. hmpf. Another issue with the ole’ Gregorian Calendar.

    Can’t we just go to something more timely and accurate. For instance the calendar in Star Trek?

    (Note: Why does a fictional story have a better calendar that is more accurate than ours? This can’t be right!)

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