Biofuels Expert Visits Portland

Libby Tucker interviews Josh Tickell, author of “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank,” in the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Just a taste: Tucker on the food vs. fuel debate about use of farmland:

What are we going to do when it’s food versus fuel? The United States has 60 million acres of fallow cropland we pay farmers not to grow on. There’s a massive potential to produce biofuels in this country without touching the food supply. We also lose 350 farms a week so it’s not like we’ve got an overwhelmingly successful farm economy.

We have the worst farm economy in the developed world. Every per capita income from every other major industrialized nation in terms of farming is better than us. In terms of correcting that situation it would make sense to create products that can be sold and consumed in the United States so we’re not floating our economy based on world demand and supply, which is what we’re doing now.

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