SDC Update Progresses

The 10-year review of Portland’s Transportation System Development Charge program is slogging along.

The CAC has released the first cut list of projects that may be eligible for SDC funding. This list will get narrowed, so now is the time to provide your input.

I don’t see an online comment form, so I would suggest sending comments to project manager Kathryn Levine (

4 responses to “SDC Update Progresses”

  1. Chris,

    20039, South Waterfront District Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements, for $4.618 million says: “Implement pedestrian and bicycle district access improvements in the North Macadam Framework Plan.”

    What I show in the Framework Plan is all Street, Pedestrian and Bike improvements being fuunded out of TIF funds, not SDC funds. Am I missing something here? That’s a healthy chunk of SDC funds.

    And how does this track, anyway, with property owner responsibility for paying for sidewalks and streets?

  2. The SDC cut list came up last night at our SE Uplift Land Use & Transportation Committee meeting.

    Who is on the committee making these recommendations? And what’s the process for doing so?

    Anyone know?

  3. Yeah, SEUL’s got a rep, but she’s apparently not been attending. Since she’s from MY neighborhood association, we’ll have to talk.

    Thanks. The committee seems pretty balanced, but I thought you were on it. Maybe too notorius with that “big heart” and all…


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