Pls Wtch the TLAs

I had an e-mail from a reader who’s having trouble following all the acronyms we drop into our conversations.

He has to Google some of the terms we use.

I’m afraid I’m probably as bad as anyone else.

So if you’re talking about TPAC, a CAC or some ROW, try to spell it out the first time you use it.

5 responses to “Pls Wtch the TLAs”

  1. It’s kinda funny becuase we’re not using a “single industry’s” three letter acronyms. We’re using “Government” acronyms along with “Transportation Technology” acronyms. It’s like 2x the acronym soup.

    Speaking of that, you should start a FAQ!!! :D Or maybe I will and you can link to it eh? Let me know what ya think of that idea.

  2. It’d be cool if there could be some sort of automatic linking (like how the NY Times creates links out of certain words for ad revenue) of keywords to a pop-up definition. Anyone up to that task?

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