New Year: New Layout, New Calendar

We have a few changes with the New Year. The home page layout has been altered to create an additional sidebar on the left, in which we are testing Google Ads as a potential tool to help our financial sustainability strategy.

But more importantly, we’ve introduced a calendar of transportation meetings, the top requested feature in our reader survey.

The calendar is implemented with Google Calendar, and the next 10 meetings will appear in the sidebar, and the full calendar is available on it’s own page (meetings start showing up in January) and as a Feed you can subscribe to.

However, the calendar is only going to work as a group effort. While I’ll happily maintain entries for meetings I attend regularly, I don’t have the time or the desire to try to maintain every meeting out there. So we need folks to signup to cover other meetings. We can do this several ways. Someone could agree to maintain a certain set of meetings (say the City of Portland Bicycle Advisor Committee), and we can work on signing up enough people to get everything covered.

Or, we could have a pool of folks on an e-mail list, and I could just pass on the meeting notices I receive (I’m already on most of the lists) to the list, and the next person with some free time could set up the calendar entries.

Either way, folks who are willing to be maintainers need to get a Google account, and I will delegate authority to create entries.

So let’s talk here about how to organize the effort, and if you’re willing to be a maintainer, drop me a line ( with your e-mail address and your Google account address.

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