Hawthorne Streetcar Advocacy Website – Official Launch

In a number of recent discussions here on PortlandTransport, the idea of streetcar service for the Hawthorne Blvd. corridor has been bandied about. At one time I threatened to build a web site to allow for interested parties to organize around this idea. Now, it is time to make good on that threat. :-)

Hawthorne Streetcar Advocacy Web Site

I am pleased to announce that the HawthorneStreetcar.org site is now online.

I invite and encourage anyone interesting in pursuing the idea of a Hawthorne Streetcar to join up, create a basic profile, and help get the discussion rolling.

At this point the idea is to form a group, discuss ideas, and come up with a grass-roots approach. (The site is an informal effort and is not initiated by the city or the current streetcar organization.)

The site already has a few articles and proposals, but more details will be formulated as the group grows and a consensus emerges.

I have sent email invitations to all of the neighborhood associations which may be affected by a future proposal, as well as other stakeholder organizations.

Thanks to all who encouraged this idea and thanks in advance to those who participate!

– Bob R.

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