Get Your Streetcar Passes Now

Sam Adams has decided that transit passes will indeed be honored on the Tram so that regular commuters don’t get soaked with the $4 single-ticket price. As reader Frank Dufay notes, I’m sitting pretty because Sam has included Streetcar Annual Passes on the list of honored fare instruments:

So now, Chris, your $100.00 a year Streetcar pass ALSO gets you on the Tram. Sweet.

Too bad, for me, ONE round trip ticket weighs in at $1.70 (bus & stretcar); $4.00 (tram); $1.70 (bus and streetcar)…or $7.40 for ONE visit up Pill Hill.

Discrimination raised to a whole new level.

And while MY employer pays the Tri-Met payroll tax OHSU’s docs don’t, for further public subsidy.

How crazy are we going to let this get?

For the record, I think the docs group organizing as a non-profit to avoid property tax and transit taxes is indeed a horrible evasion, and I’m open to having the payroll tax exclusion list reconsidered.

But I don’t know why that justifies soaking commuters.

Frank, if you’re going to OHSU as a patient, your ride is free anyway. So were you planning on sightseeing?

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