Creative Re-use of Rails

Passed on by a reader. I don’t know quite what to make of it.

2 responses to “Creative Re-use of Rails”

  1. Bunch of architecture students who haven’t figured out how the real world works. They certainly haven’t figured how a railroad works. There will be a flangeway on urban girder rail trackage only. To be able to use it on most railways, you need wheels on each rail, with flanges to keep it on the 2 rails. Such “speeders” have already been invented, including bicycle-based ones (approx 70 years ago).

    The vehicle shown only works on girder rail, and is very inefficient because of the balloon tire riding in the flangeway, instead of steel rolling on steel, the basis of the railroad’s efficiency.

  2. …and such abandoned tracks are…where?

    I guess the Willamette Shores Trolley Line is as close as one can get. None out east (it’s now the Springwater Trail Corridor). None out west (it’s called MAX.) None down south (there’s a few blocks of such in Salem, but in very undesirable neighborhoods, and they extend about one-two blocks. The rest of the track has been abandoned.)

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