Streetcar Options in LO

The Lake Oswego transit alternatives analysis hasn’t settled on a mode yet, but if Streetcar comes up as the winner, there are going to be some interesting choices for how to terminate the alignment.

In any case, the Streetcar will help spur development in the Foothills district between Highway 43 and the Willamette. There are also plans for a modest park-and-ride in all the scenarios.

The real question is where and how to use Streetcar to spur redevelopment in the existing core of the City.


The cheap option would stop near where the current Willamette Shoreline trolley terminates. This wouldn’t do much for development in downtown.


Going to Albertsons creates some redevelopment opportunity and also leaves open the potential for a later extension to West Linn.


Going to Safeway perhaps does the most for downtown redevelopment but is also probably the most expensive and is out-of-direction for further extension to the south.

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