New Years Resolution for Streetcar: Fare Policy

On January 1, Portland Streetcar will roll out a new fare policy: Streetcar tickets will be good all day.

We’ve discussed the perception that a 1-2 zone fare for a few stops on the Streetcar outside fareless square is a tough value proposition. This move is intended to help that issue. At a minimum you’ll be able to get your round trip out of one ticket purchase.

TriMet transfers will also be valid all day on Streetcar.

However, the reverse is not true, a Streetcar ticket is only good for the usual two-hour transfer window on TriMet. This keeps Streetcar tickets compatible with the rest of the TriMet fare structure. The “deal” is only on Streetcar.

The other January 1 change is that the Streetcar annual pass will go up to $100/year. Still a bargain in my opinion.

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