Featured Presentation: Putting 39th on a Diet

The highlighted class project from this year’s Portland Traffic and Transportation Class is from Nellie Korn. You can read Nellie’s full presentation here (PDF, 1.5M). Below are a few featured slides. I selected Nellie’s presentation to highlight because it both had a succinct problem statement and recommended solution, and because the policy and politics of implementing the solution seemed well thought out.


Nellie is an activist from the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood.


The classic neighborhood transportation conflict: an environment dominated by cars detracts from other other modes and from the neighborhood as a whole.



Nellie’s answer is a classic road diet, although she’s figured out that she’s going to need a different label to sell it.


Nellie is going to push PDOT with its own data. Traffic has declined on this segment of 39th to the point where it would fall within the suggested volume limits for a road diet.


Nellie has done a great job of articulating benefits for a variety of user groups. This is important to help build a coalition to move a project forward!




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