Can we get a Hawthorne Streetcar group going?

In a number of recent discussions, the idea of a Hawthorne Streetcar has come up. This was especially the case in Tuesday’s “Burnside-Couch Couplet” thread.

I think there is sufficient interest to get local interested parties together (transportation advocates, Hawthorne-area businesses, residents, taxpayers, bicycle and pedestrian activists, and even pure motorists (Hi, Terry)) to try and pitch a plan. This group could choose to push directly for a project, or simply to get this project studied, included, and prioritized in a regional transportation plan.

I’d offer to form such a group myself, as I am very interested in the idea of a Hawthorne Streetcar. However, I have a number of commitments already, and I do not live in the corridor (although I visit friends there and shop there a lot)… to have the best credibility, the group should organize from within the corridor.

What I can offer, however, is a bit of technical/IT support: For other companies and organizations I have created web sites with forums, membership management, email discussion lists, newsletter/article management, etc. I have taken the liberty of registering the domain “” (nothing there just yet), and I can quickly set up a community web site like this one I did for the Rose City Park neighborhood:

Will this be sufficient to entice potential organizers to come forward? Can our heroes coalesce into a force for good? Stay tuned… contact me at if you want to help move this along.

– Bob R.

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