$3.50 to Dundee

Yesterday’s O covers the report from Macquarie Infrastructure Group on finances for the Newberg-Dundee Bypass.

The core package would require $3.50 tolls on both the bypass and 99W, plus an up-front investment of $150M by the State. Local residents would get a discount, paying $1.00 to use the bypass (the article does not explicitly say, but seems to imply that residents could use 99W for free).

Alternately, ODOT could skip the up-front investment if tolls go up to $5.00.

Another option would be to vary the tolls by time of day. The peak-hour toll would be just over $6.10.

“It’s hard for me to sense how people are going to react to this,” said Yamhill County Commissioner Leslie Lewis, who said she prefers putting tolls on just the bypass. “Clearly, they reacted badly to tolling the entire corridor. Whether this will have any public acceptability, I don’t know.”

It’s also unclear where ODOT would get the $150M.

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