Updated: The End of Commuting

Updated: 11/6/06

The video stream for this presentation is up at http://www.cts.pdx.edu/seminars.htm. The Oregonian also had an interview with Pisarski, who is the author of the Commuting in America III report. He has some interesting perspectives, particularly on the fact that commuting is a lower share of our total transportation each year. He also makes interesting points on how immigration and affluence affect commuting behavior. Worth watching.

Original Post: 10/24/06

Portland State University
Center for Transportation Studies
Fall 2006 Transportation Seminar Series

Speaker: Alan E. Pisarski
Topic: The End of Commuting
When: Friday, October 27, 2006, 12:00-1:30 pm
Where: 204 Urban Center (www.pdx.edu/map.html)

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