Riverfront for People Discovers the Blogosphere

Interestingly, yesterday posts appeared on both Blue Oregon and BikePortland discussing putting the Eastbank Freeway into a tunnel.

Of course, we had it first :-)

3 responses to “Riverfront for People Discovers the Blogosphere”

  1. I think this plan would gain more popular support if there were similar schemes that would equally benefit Portlanders in other neighborhoods. This would clearly be a bonanza for businesses and property owners already located in the Central Eastside district–but why should I care? I’m certainly not going to get anything significant out of it. But it is a brilliant plan—I just don’t know if the average Portland Metro citizen is jazzed about it.

    As far as benefiting bicyclists–the nagging question that I keep asking: If there were several billion to spend wouldn’t there be a lot of other projects that would promote transportation alternatives? You could pprobably just give a few million to some MIT researchers who would come up with some newfangled high efficiency battery technology. Or a hundred million seed money for a NW biofuels industry.

    The liberal “Central City” crowd always has a solution—that benefits them. And it tends to benefit some of their prime, political constituencies–like labor unions. I’ve never seen particularly fair treatment from my union. From my experience a lot of jobs would be created—but, for foreign citizens! That’s my beef with liberalism and certain development schemes of theirs. They should spread the wealth around. Come up with some exciting prospects for the average Portlander–and do it within a realistic budget. That’s a real challenge!

    The smaller neighborhoods have a hard time competing–for improvement money–with the more well-heeled Central City neighborhoods.

  2. I just want to relax on the East Portland beach and watch the sun set behind the City skyline.
    I don’t see a need for tunnel…just replace the Eastbank Freeway and Marquam Bridge with a boulevand and arterial bridge with LRT(Caruthers).

  3. Not to be snooty, but if you think your October 9 is the first blog coverage of the Eastbank, we beat you by three days. :)

    The great thing about all the transportation blogs (and it’s one of the more competitive news circuits in town) is that for many people, the old news is new news. So even if we think everyone’s heard about something, people say “wow! did you hear about…”

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