Mark Your Calendars – But We Still Need a Place

We have a time and date for the first ever Portland Transport real-world gathering: 6pm on Thursday, December 14th.

It was the first choice in the survey, and the Columbia Crossing folks have confirmed their availability.

But we don’t have a venue yet. The Lucky Lab in SE was the number one choice, but it’s booked that night. It’s also $100 for the room.

The other brewpub locations are even pricier. Who’s got suggestions for low cost venues?


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  1. If the CRC Task Force is the primary presenter, ask them for the $100 or what ever the cost is for a space. This would not even be pocket change for this organization as they have spun through over $40M to $60M, at least that is my understanding of what they have spent.

  2. Is the Lucky Lab in NW available? Its a nice space. Paul’s right, CRC might just as well pick up the room tab (and beer tab?) as its their agenda.

  3. CRC must have an incidental fund. This seems fair to me if they are going to be the “lead” presenter. I wouldn’t mind chipping in for the cost, though, if others (like Chris) are doing a lot of organizational work to put this together.

  4. I am reluctant to ask the CRC for funding because I would like this to be OUR meeting, of which they are a part, not THEIR meeting with our participation.

    So I’m looking for suggestions for free to cheap venues where someone can get a beverage or a snack.

  5. Can I suuggest, Chris, maybe having this meeting AFTER the Holidays, when finding a place would be easier?

    Alternatively, I’ll even offer up my house for the 14th. I’m hosting our HAND Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday, the 12th…they’ll probably even be left overs! :-) At 23rd & Stephens, between Division and Hawthorne, I’m not far from the Lucky Lab.


  6. How many of us is there actually? Just a 100-150 bucks. That’s my normal bar bill – so I’ll get the room and somebody can buy me a beer. Who do i need to call?

  7. Chris –

    Try the Redwing Cafe at 6th Avenue SE and Harrison(?). Its a couple blocks south of the Multnomah Building not far from the Lucky Lab.

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