I-5 to 99W Connector open houses

From Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder’s monthly newsletter.

By the way, I think this project gets an award for abuse of a blogging platform. The project web site is based on Word Press (kudos) and features an RSS feed. But… the most recent item in the RSS feed is from Sep 2005 (lame).

The I-5 to 99W Connector Project is a study to address the possibility of connecting these two busy roadways, which has been recognized as a need for more than a decade.

Traffic demand in the southwestern portion of the region has grown substantially, leading to increasingly congested conditions. Growth comes from more people living and working in Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood and Wilsonville; moving freight into and out of the area; growth throughout the region; and statewide traffic.

Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan, the Oregon Highway Plan and transportation plans for Washington County, Sherwood and Tualatin identify the need for a transportation solution in this area to address the growing travel demand. The Oregon Transportation Commission designated this as a project of statewide significance, further confirming its importance.

To help identify potential solutions, the project team is hosting three open houses to gather input from the public.

Areas to be discussed include:
* potential corridors where new transportation facilities could be located, and where these corridors should connect to I-5 and Highway 99W
* potential upgrades to existing roadways or intersections that could improve regional and intrastate travel
* constraints or areas that should be avoided as corridors are developed.

Open house dates:

5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29
Tualatin High School
22300 SW Boones Ferry Road, Tualatin

5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30
Middleton Elementary School
23505 SW Old Highway 99W, Sherwood

5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6
Wilsonville City Hall
29799 SW Town Center Loop E, Wilsonville

The same information will be available at all meetings.

For more information, call (503) 595-9915, send e-mail to info@i5to99w.org, or visit www.i5to99w.org.

5 responses to “I-5 to 99W Connector open houses”

  1. i can’t make it to the nov.29th meeting, so here are my thoughts and views on the matter.
    how many more years do we have to put up with this mess thru tualatin. these truck drivers are ruining our roads…they do not stop to buy goods, eat at our resturants or even buy gas here. hurry up and buy the land before the developers have totally run tualatin, sherwood and wilsonville into one big city. make your connector from the north wilsonville exit straight over to 124th or due west to south of sherwood…how easy can that be? too bad you let south tualatin grow so much, it would have been great to have run 205 over to 99w.
    i hope it doesn’t take till 2008(like your flyer says) to get this done. i am one tualatin resident who can’t even drive on our main street during the week…you just can’t there fron here!
    thank you for an immediate answer.
    barbara kelleher

  2. We moved to Wilsonville in the winter of 1989.

    We have attended 4 major public hearings on the 99W connector to I-5.

    The recent national election gave a sweep to cleanup the corruption and arrogant power plays in D.C.

    Your latest “dog and pony show” is a continuance of the same politicised bureaucratic “smooth and sooth the public” for the obvious mess that stonewalling infrastructure resulted in.

    Lets face it the fed is broke over the Bush/oil complex. The state is hog tied to the PERS program and its “latest cost reduction” is resulting in the continuing drain the public taxes ie Oregon bureaucrats now are “downtrodden” with a 86%-102% of their income for RETIREMENT.

    Resulting in 0 funds to complete the 99W-I-5 Connector.

    This is basically a fraudulant coverup of the funds diverted to enrich the states bureaucrats.

    Another example: $280,000,000 tobacco funds which Oregon opted to cashout vers years of payments w/interest…where are the funds now? Gone and spent in the general fund…which takes care of the retirement checks first. Kind of a mini Fed. Soc. Sec. draw down of the collected funds. Futher the state only used less than 2% of those funds to educate and assist in stopping the smoking habits. A plus for the state is the huge taxes on the smokers.

    Listen up folks…the gambling and state income share hooked up to the teachers union and the line machines and absolutely spinning out of control the desperate families in their false hope to “win big”…multiple felonies including embezzelment contribute to the states employees catch 22.

    The Bypass will never happen and the small parcel development and hi property taxes are the name of the bureaucrat game. In Short folks you’ve been duped and are being gridlocked.

    Hope to see you at the Nov. meetings,

    Dale Lissner

  3. Come on folks. You’ve got to be kidding about your continued babble to connect I-5 to 99W.
    Your govenor just handed 18-23% pay raises to “keep” the states directors/mgrs. from jumping ship. The “doctors aerial tram” gave the taxpayers a overpriced $48,000,000 bill (twice what a larger-same contractor- tram was conpleted at @ out-of-state sky resort).

    The PERSs program is still careening out of control until broke paying out full salaries to retirees.

    Our deteriated major roadways (asphalt) are an ODOT standing joke. Watch out for the 15-25% housing (ie property tax) drop over the next 2-3 years…interesting to see how those layed off bureaucrats land a real job…and hold it.

    Will finally be a great state to live in after all the economic dust settles.

    Respectfully, Dale Lissner Sherwood


  4. November 24, 2008

    So here we are again…and Metro as well as Washington County are continuing to burn up taxes with their continuing “public meetings” on the I-5 to 99W Connector “open houses”

    What a joke, still think there is fed as well as ODOT funds available? Come on now …theres a domestic as well as an international financial meltdown… i.e just take a close look at your shaky PERS.investment financial statement.

    Obama and his staff are going to experience a “perfect storm” to keep the U.S. ship afloat!

    Heres another storm for your readership: check out the $100’s of millions squandered by the nations 9-1-1 dispatching facilities. read http://www.stopaccidentalcalls.com – its a real shocker located “in the news” section!

    Respectfully, Dale Lissner Sherwood

  5. The open houses discussed here happened two years ago. I don’t see anything on the I-5 to 99W Project website that says there are more open houses scheduled currently.

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