Bike Paramedics

An interesting piece yesterday on NPR’s “Day to Day” about deploying EMTs on bikes. The biggest obstacle? Insurance reimbursement practices.

5 responses to “Bike Paramedics”

  1. Ever see an ambulance with lights flashing, stuck in traffic?

    I bet that person all busted up sure wishes there was some bike EMTs eh. I’d be all for that, and I don’t care about the financing… public, private, or whatever. That would be a very good service. Especially in downtown PDX/downtown interstates.

  2. Perhaps a bike riding EMT could get there first with some immediate care, but wouldn’t one have to wait for a vehicle to transport someone to a care facility? I guess a bikin’ EMT would be able to respond quickly to a lot of situations and easily carry 60 pounds of stuff. A motorcycle could to.

  3. Bike paramedics got a bit of a laugh at a London Town Council meeting a couple years ago. That happened at the same meeting where the London Ambiance service was explaining that speed bumps kill sick people through delaying emergency services.

    And don’t forget bike firemen.

    PS: One study says congestion kills over 60,000 people annually due to delayed medical care.


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