An Artistic Take on Streetcar

I got a note a few weeks ago suggesting I visit Friendly House (NW 26th and Thurman, TriMet lines 15, 17 and 77) to take a look at some art hanging there in November.

I had a chance to drop by and was delighted to find some very whimsical and fun images of infrastructure around the city by a neighbor, Bill Badrick. Bill was kind enough to pass along a couple of electronic versions of two pieces depicting Streetcar bridges across the Willamette for me to share with Portland Transport readers. As Bill says:

With a more inclusive set of parameters such as pedestrian / bike access and green energy generation , we can broaden the perspective of the community and the decision makers.

Drop by Friendly House yourself when you have a chance and broaden your perspective!

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© 2006 Bill Badrick, All rights reserved.

marquam mirror 2 fin 5_29_06 copy

© 2006 Bill Badrick, All rights reserved.


3 responses to “An Artistic Take on Streetcar”

  1. I like the artistic renderings, it is idealistic. However the sobering facts is that we have so many critical needs and so little money this picture scares me.

    To me, lets get going with the Hawthorne Bridge alterations that will allow the Streetcar to again use it and put the money that the bridge cost, to extending the Streetcars into a greeater number of the neighborhoods centers and get more total SOV’s off of our roads.

    It is all about priorities and return on investment.

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