$57M Park and Ride?

Frank Dufay is a neighborhood activist in SE Portland and a regular rider of the TriMet #14.

Pave Paradise?

Maybe not paradise, exactly, but a healthy chunk of South Waterfront will be disappearing under surface parking lots.

You would think this new neighborhood, pedestrian-friendly, urban, dense, served by the Streetcar, buses and the Tram…well, how many parking lots DO they need?

OHSU has won approval to add THREE new SURFACE parking lots. This despite:

“The adopted South Waterfront Plan encourages parking to be underground.”
Well, OHSU WILL have 634 below-grade parking spaces. But now they’ve asked for an additional 812 surface ones.

That’s 1446 parking spaces for OHSU. Just OHSU. It doesn’t include new parking for all those condos going in.

The “cap” for surface parking is 200,000 sq ft for the whole South waterfront sub-district. OHSU is adding 309,000. And that’s just OHSU.

Oh, it’s “temporary.” They have to have a plan in place to move SOME of it by 2012. But 2012 is a long way’s away, the auto traffic infrastructure in place is already inadequate, and, well, how is this going to work?

What are people thinking? And why hasn’t there been any public discussion of this?

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