Parking Meters = Gentrification?

Update: 10/18/06

According to yesterday’s O, Sam is not making much progress with the Hawthorne folks.

Original Post: 10/6/06

Commissioner Sam has been advocating for parking meters in neighborhood business districts, including Hawthorne.

He’s been using Pasadena’s historic shopping district as a case study, citing improvements in turnover driving more profitable business.

Well, Willamette Week decided to check it out and sent a reporter to Pasadena. He found that in fact the district had thrived, to the point where national chains had replaced the local businesses.

Does that mean parking meters cause gentrification, or just that you have to be careful how you reinvest the proceeds?

Hint: NW 23rd attracted Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma without the help of parking meters…

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