Reminder: Film Festival: A Celebration of Portland Transportation

Update: 10/27/06

Reminder, this is happening Saturday, as in tomorrow. Rumor has it that yours truly may show up on screen, or even say a few words live!

Original Post: 10/10/06

Sigh. Jonathan scooped me again.

A free film festival at the Bagdad Theater from 2-4pm on October 28th will feature the work of New York filmmaker and transportation activist Clarence Eckerson, focusing on Portland:

Come out for a series of locally made short films and live historical presentations highlighting how our community has created Portland’s world-class transportation system that serves families, seniors, walkers, bicyclists and businesses.

Get the rest of the details at BikePortland.

2 responses to “Reminder: Film Festival: A Celebration of Portland Transportation”

  1. Thanks for promoting this, Chris. If others are interested in submitting short films that celebrate transportation in Portland, please let me know. We almost have a full program, but I am looking for additional material for the event. Topics that would be particularly interesting to get submissions on are pedestrians, car sharing, light rail, and freight movement.

    They should tell a story, be family-friendly and entertaining, and be no longer than 7 minutes.

    Greg Raisman
    Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership
    Portland Office of Transportation
    (503) 823-1052

  2. Greg,
    do you have some of the Zig Zag pieces from Metro? Great material with fun stories from real people about getting around.

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